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this is exactly what we need in our lives I wish you to welcome every effort, every struggle and every challenge.
During the next hour he spent talking with MacDonald, I listened to him talk to a wide variety of people, including IBM engineers, CEOs of large corporations, politicians, and lawyers. They all had their own problems with the organization of meetings, and I was especially interested in the reaction of these people to how it will be used by us. All of them were interested in the same problem: how all this can be used to improve the management system, more fully implement current tasks or speed up decision making. All these people wanted to see something that would bring them a positive effect.
"We must succeed together" - that was their secret motto.
IBM people, when I mentioned Simon [Simon Almereid, director of architecture and software at IBM], said they weren't interested in management, but in architecture. Julie and I thought that all these engineers trying to use our meeting management product looked at its architecture as a great starting point for solving many of their problems.
It turned out that some of them enthusiastically described their ideas, even "based" on our IDM, others told us that they had already dealt with similar solutions and that they had learned a lot. And one of the engineers told me that most of them consider IDM one of the best means of communication. In this regard, everything would not be so bad if we were not separated by an abyss of 20 years.
My colleagues and, above all, of course, the top managers were very sensitive to the technological crisis. The billions of dollars worth of information they received while witnessing the fall of the software market could not but have a serious impact on their confidence in how things would turn out. However, at the same time, they often remained "Western realists" and believed that the situation had already been resolved. They assumed the market was clear and waited for something to happen.
If at that time they really knew what they needed to do to get rid of these ideas and implement their own, they would have done it right away. First, they would contact us with a reminder of the contribution that our IDM has made to this crisis, as it is the result of our efforts. Second, they would ask us to test our IDMS internally and externally. They wouldn't wait another week fe70933767